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From The Board

The Board of Directors for the Wheeler Ridge Homeowners Association has received many requests for help. The majority of these requests are regarding the use of the common areas, crime issues, and issues with neighbors. There are many misunderstandings about what our homeowners association can and cannot do. We hope this will provide the community with a better understanding of the Homeowners Association and what they should, and should not, expect from it.

The Wheeler Ridge Homeowners' Associations, or HOA, is a formal legal entity created to maintain common areas and enforce deed restrictions. Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are issued to each homeowner, and the HOA ensures that they are adhered to in order to maintain the quality and value of the properties involved.

According to our CC&Rs, the Wheeler Ridge HOA can:
establish and collect maintenance fees needed to run neighborhood operations
maintain community landscaping
maintain recreational facilities
provide space for events or neighborhood functions.
enforce deed restrictions including, but not limited to, exterior home maintenance, commercial use of properties, control of trash and blight.

The CC&Rs is a lengthy document which most of us would rather not read. It does however answer many of the questions homeowners have. If you would like a detailed explanation of what the HOA can do, please read Article VI and Article VII. It would of course be best to read the entire document but these two sections provide the most information about the HOAs responsibilities.

When you read the CC&Rs you will notice that the HOA has significant control over common areas, such as the pool and park, and architectural changes to homes in the neighborhood. The CC&Rs do not provide the HOA with control of the streets or the behavior of individuals. In fact, the Board cannot take action on any issue not specifically defined in the CC&Rs.

The following are examples of common complaints the board receives but does not have the authority to resolve.

1. My neighbor is parking in front of my mailbox and my mail is not being delivered as a result. The HOA has no control over city streets. This includes parking and moving violations. Homeowners are encouraged to contact either the Denton Police Department or the postal inspector to remedy this situation.�

2. A neighbor was [rude, inappropriate, hostile] towards me.The HOA has no control over the behavior of individuals in the neighborhood. This is the domain of the Denton Police Department.

3. My neighbors have loud parties at night. The HOA has no control over the behavior of individuals. This is the domain of the Denton Police Department.

4. People are speeding through the neighborhood. Every street in Wheeler Ridge is a city street. The HOA has no control over city streets. This is the domain of the Denton Police Department.

5. There is too much crime in our neighborhood. The HOA does not have authority to act as a police department. This is the domain of the Denton Police Department.

6. There are too many mosquitoes in our neighborhood. The HOA has authority to maintain the common areas, which include the ponds with fountains at the main entrance. The HOA will work to keep these areas free of standing water. The HOA cannot modify the natural waterways such as the pond near the traffic circle or near the north end of Thoroughbred. These areas are protected and it is illegal for anyone to modify them. The City of Denton does not spray for mosquitoes but does provide citizens with free resources.

The Board of Directors consists of home owners living in Wheeler Ridge. We want to have a nice neighborhood, same as you. Wanting to have a nice neighborhood does not grant us unlimited powers. We do, however, have the ability to make many improvements to the neighborhood.

Like any other business, the HOA has bills to pay. Each month we pay accountants, lawyers, landscapers, pool cleaners, etc. There are electric and water bills, repairs, and much more. The Board receives many requests for improvements to common areas. Each of these improvements costs money and the Board must decide if the HOA can afford such expenses and if so, which ones to fund.�

We hope this has been informative. We would like the community to work together to provide us all a safe and peaceful place to live. We welcome your suggestions and hope you continue to enjoy your home in Wheeler Ridge.


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